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Class Descriptions

Beer and BBQing

Get savvy with a pair of tongs and celebrate our much envied Queensland lifestyle in this exciting class.Working on BBQs, you will learn the joy of BBQing seafood, meat and poultry, as well create some great new recipes to try at home. Recipes include: Moroccan spiced fish w/ avocado & lime salsa, Mediterranean marinated centre cut rump & Duck & bethonga gold pineapple kebabs.Enjoy a BBQ banquet at the end of class, matched with a selection of beers. Recipes and course notes included.

Beyond the Plate: Fish

As seafood becomes increasingly expensive, conversely, we are more aware than ever how important regular fish in our diet can have a huge effect on our long-term health.

We all love it and we all know it’s fabulously healthy for us, but we don’t always know what’s what in terms of selection, and tend to buy based on what the recipe says rather than what’s the freshest available on the day. 

The easiest solution is to become more proficient in selecting, storing and cooking fish.


Covered in this class will be more so on pelagic, oiler/cold water fish species

Methods covered:

Panfrying, BBQing, poaching as well as selection tips & storage.


Class is Demonstration style, runs for 2 hours and includes 3 tastings with paired beverage.

Cost $95.00 per person

Menu is based on what’s freshly available on the day.

Beyond the Plate: Hot, Salty, Sour & Sweet

Do you love South East Asian food, but just can’t quite master it? Well then, this class is for you.

You will learn with a more technique based demonstration covering South East Asian basics.

This class will cover:

Banquet compositions / menu combinations i.e. what works together.

South East Asian food History

Mortar & pestle vs food processor

Seasoning elements, hot, salty, sour, sweet

Curry pastes, brands, textures

Coconut milk / cream, what’s the difference, brands, cracking cream


A great opportunity to ask all of your Asian food questions.

Class is Demonstration style, runs for 2 hours and includes 3 tastings with paired beverage.

Cost $85.00 per person

Menu is based on what’s freshly available on the day.

Beyond the Plate: Rump

As quality beef increases in price, this class is for those who are devoured carnivores but are feeling the pinch in terms of cost.

Learning how to utilise that lump of cryovaced meat you see at the farmers markets and you are always afraid to even ask what it is.

Covered in this session is breaking down a whole D Rump, understanding the different muscle groups within the rump, and how they can be utilised in your day to day cooking.

Pasture vs grain, what’s the difference.

Beef breed types & crosses for the Aussie market/s

Rumps versatility, in terms of the range of uses.


Cooking techniques covered:

Roasting, Stir-fry and Bbqing.

Suggested Menu and may change on the day:

Rump cap roast

Thai style pad see ew stir fry

Centre cut char grilled rump medallions

This is a great class for people who want to know more about their meat, beyond the plate

Class is Demonstration style, runs for 2 hours and includes 3 tastings with paired beverage.

Christmas Cake Decorating

Nothing says I love you more than a hand - made gift.

Do you have that one person that is always difficult to buy for at Christmas time? Or Do you just want to keep your neighbours happy with a hand -made Christmas gift?

Come and join us  for a special Christmas Cake Decorating class.

In this class using fondant icing, you will cover and decorate 2 small (roughly 6 inch) fruit cakes with a Christmas Theme.

Being a Fruit Cake, they will last until Christmas time, but in case you get hungry and eat it, you will then have the skills to re-create it at home.

Class cost is $170.00 per person. It runs for approximately 4 hours and includes a light lunch and non-alcoholic beverages. Due to the timing on the class, the cakes will be pre-baked and you will decorate.

Fast and Furious Seafood

By popular demand we are running this class again and again and again. The focus is quick and easy seafood ideas, including pan fried fish in bush spice, Asian squid salad, Prawn cutlets poached in coconut milk & Thai flavours, & Fish w/ prawns, penne pasta, tomato kasaundi & lemon. Learn how to create these simple dishes and enjoy them at the end of the class with a couple of glasses of perfectly match wine or beer. Course notes and recipes included.

Gingerbread Houses

An edible ornament for the table at Christmas.

In the class you will bake, make and decorate your own gingerbread house, along with some Christmas inspired decorations to hang on your tree. Take your creations home with you, they make wonderful gifts.

Also includes a light meal prepared by our chefs, non-alcoholic beverages and recipes.

Gingerbread Houses Parent and Child

An edible ornament for the table at Christmas.

This class is designed for a parent and child to have a creative day together making one of our popular Gingerbread Houses. 

In the class you will roll, cut, bake, make and decorate your own gingerbread house. Each pair (parent and child) will make one Gingerbread House between them that you will take home at the end of the day.

One Parent to one Child. Children must be between 7 and 16 years.

Also includes a light meal prepared by our chefs, non-alcoholic beverages and recipes.

General ingredients and decorations supplied, but you are welcome to bring in something specific you would like on your house. The additional cost covers lunch for the child.

To make a booking online for this class, please put the adult and childs first name in the first row and then the sirname in the second row. eg. 

Bianca & Sam


Gourmet Chicken

Quick and easy chicken ideas with plenty of flavour and amazingly simple to prepare. Past dishes have included: roasted Moroccan chicken breast stuffed with feta, preserved lemon and cous cous; chicken leg braised with forest mushrooms served with rosemary roasted potatoes; and lime and lemongrass chicken. Enjoy a banquet style meal with 2 glasses of matched wine or beer at the end of class. Also includes knife skills demonstration and course notes.


Step out of your comfort zone and discover hands-on the variety of different spices, ingredients and techniques used in this popular cuisine. You will learn to prepare a fragrant Indian banquet, to be enjoyed at the end of cooking with a couple of glasses of wine or beer to match. Past dishes include a classic lamb Rogan Josh, cauliflower and cashew curry and other Indian favourites such as naan bread, pakoras, raita and spiced basmati rice.

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