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Class Descriptions

Modern Australian

Our Australian menus have become wide and varied with the combinations and influences from all round the world. Using the extensive range of ingredients available to us we have created a unique cuisine all of our own. Come along and create a beautiful menu using fresh Australian produce matched with 2 glasses of matched wine or beer.


Sauteed Prawns in fresh tomato sauce with rosemary & roasted garlic linguini

Pork scotch steak, roasted with white peppercorn, coriander & garlic w/ sweet potato, ginger & cardamon puree

Individual bread and butter pudding w/ caramel sauce. 

Beer and BBQing

Get savvy with a pair of tongs and celebrate our much envied Queensland lifestyle in this exciting class.Working on BBQs, you will learn the joy of BBQing seafood, meat and poultry, as well create some great new recipes to try at home. Recipes include: Moroccan spiced fish w/ avocado & lime salsa, Mediterranean marinated centre cut rump & Duck & bethonga gold pineapple kebabs.Enjoy a BBQ banquet at the end of class, matched with a selection of beers. Recipes and course notes included.

Fast and Furious Seafood

By popular demand we are running this class again and again and again. The focus is quick and easy seafood ideas, including pan fried fish in bush spice, Asian squid salad, Prawn cutlets poached in coconut milk & Thai flavours, & Fish w/ prawns, penne pasta, tomato kasaundi & lemon. Learn how to create these simple dishes and enjoy them at the end of the class with a couple of glasses of perfectly match wine or beer. Course notes and recipes included.

Gourmet Chicken

Quick and easy chicken ideas with plenty of flavour and amazingly simple to prepare. Past dishes have included: roasted Moroccan chicken breast stuffed with feta, preserved lemon and cous cous; chicken leg braised with forest mushrooms served with rosemary roasted potatoes; and lime and lemongrass chicken. Enjoy a banquet style meal with 2 glasses of matched wine or beer at the end of class. Also includes knife skills demonstration and course notes.


Step out of your comfort zone and discover hands-on the variety of different spices, ingredients and techniques used in this popular cuisine. You will learn to prepare a fragrant Indian banquet, to be enjoyed at the end of cooking with a couple of glasses of wine or beer to match. Past dishes include a classic lamb Rogan Josh, cauliflower and cashew curry and other Indian favourites such as naan bread, pakoras, raita and spiced basmati rice.


In this hands-on course you will create an Italian banquet to be enjoyed at the end of cooking with a couple of glasses of wine.

Sample menu: Tomato bruschetta, Pear, parmesan & pinenut salad, Roman gnocchi w/ blue cheese, spinach & truffle oil and Zabaglione

Life Skills in the kitchen

This brand new class is aimed specifically for home leavers or for anyone at any age who never learnt to cook.   The aim of this class is to give participants an excellent foundation in basic methods of cookery and to increase their level of confidence in the kitchen. 

Perfect as a gift for a young adult, the skills learnt in interpreting recipes will be able to be applied to cooking an endless range of dishes but on the night they will create 3 dishes using fresh, seasonal and easily sourced produce. 

Think of the adage ‘give a person a fish and they’ll eat for a day, teach a person to fish and they’ll eat for a lifetime’ – that’s what this class is all about, plus giving a true sense of accomplishment by helping them become more confident in a kitchen, familiar with equipment and competent in dicing, sautéing, stir frying and preparation basics.    

Three dishes, which are as nutritious as they are delicious, are easy to prepare and economical to replicate at home will be cooked by participants on the night and enjoyed for dinner at the end of the class over a glass of wine or a beer.

Note:   For participants younger than 18, please contact us first.

Sample Menu:

Pork Schnitzel in Panko bread crumbs with parmesan and thyme

Moroccan Spiced Chat Potato with Baby Spinach, Walnuts and Feta

Soy & Ginger Steamed Fish w/ Steamed Vegetables

Thai Red Beef Curry

Mediterranean Feast

Just as the Mediterranean Sea touches the shores of Europe, Africa and Asia, Mediterranean cuisine draws on as many regions and cultures to create dishes rich in history and flavour. In this hands-on class you will discover a unique melding of flavours, and using a variety of regional staples such as fresh cheeses, herbs, legumes, grains, lemon, garlic, sunkist vegetables and of course olives and olive oil, you will create a beautiful Mediterranean feast to be enjoyed at the end of the class with a couple of glasses of matched wine. Sample Menu: Nicoise salad w/ herb & lemon marinated chicken; Pesto crusted Mahi-Mahi w/ ratatouille and cannelini beans; Poached pear in kataifi pastry w/ almond and Zabaglione

Middle Eastern Cooking

Come & discover a whole new world of flavours & textures with some fabulous Middle Eastern fare. Participants will prepare exotic and aromatic dishes including prawns wrapped in almond Kataifi pastry, Baba Ghanoush, lamb grilled in Zhoug paste. Recipes & course notes included & a Middle Eastern feast will be served at the conclusion of the class with matched Australian wines.

Modern French Experience

Come and enjoy a simply divine evening in this truly French experience, creating some modern delicacies to be devoured at the end of class with some beautiful matched wine. Recipes included.

Sample Menu: Wonton Lasagne of Prawn and Saffron; Slow cooked Duck with Cabbage Fondue, Crisp Prosciutto and Roasted Hazelnut; Cardamon & Calvados Caramelised Apple.

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