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Class Descriptions

Sausage Making

Have you ever wanted to know how to make your own sausages? If so, then this hands on class is for you. We will take you through the tips and techniques of making sausages.

Sample Menu:

Thai duck sausages poached in cocont cream, Italian style pork & fennel sausages and Spanish chorizo. 

Seafood BBQing

This class demystifies the BBQ & how it relates to seafood. You will learn the ins and outs of BBQing seafood, as well create your own BBQ banquet to be enjoyed at the end of class, with a couple of glasses of matched wine or beer. Recipes and course notes included. Recipes include: Korean bbq squid, Mediterranean Bbq prawns, Moroccan spiced fish & Bbq scallops on a green mango salad.

Thai Thai

A regional cooking adventure of Thailand, which will cover flavours from the North and South.

After travelling through Thailand, John has come home with traditional methods and recipes to share with you.. Recipes include: Roast duck curry, Green mango & squid salad, & Grilled chicken w/ homemade sweet chilli sauce. A Thai banquet will be enjoyed at the conclusion of the class with 2 glasses of matched wine.

Recipes included.



After 4 trips to Vietnam John has finally put a menu together from this beautiful cuisine.

Sample menu:

Pho –Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup.

Caramelised Pork w/ Jasmine Rice

Prawns in Coconut Batter

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