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Individual Classes

These classes are perfect for you to participate in on your own or with friends. We also have group classes where you can book out the entire school and corporate classes for team building, client nights or social club events.

A James St Cooking Class is also a great gift.

Here are the types of classes we run. For a full schedule of upcoming classes click here.

Hands-on Cooking Classes

Most of the classes we run at the James St Cooking School are hands-on, allowing you full involvement in the cooking process. The lessons run for 3 hours, with between 10 20 people participating. We try to create a very social, friendly environment in our classes and everyone cooks as part of a team (so dont worry about coming along by yourself).

Class begins with an introduction from the chefs, who will then demonstrate and explain the recipes for the evening. Working in groups of 3, 4 or 5, you and your classmates the class will then cook/prepare 3 or 4 dishes (varies from class to class and the complexity of the dishes). During this time the chefs are continually on hand to answer questions and assist you.

At the end of the class everyone sits down to enjoy what they have made with a couple of glasses of matched wine or beer (unless stated otherwise, all our hands-on classes include a meal at the end of cooking and 2 glasses of wine or beer). Recipes from the class will be made available to you so you can recreate them at home.

Specialised Hands-on Classes

These are our Pastries, Desserts, Curries of the World, Knives & Presentation and Stocks & Sauces classes. They are very hands-on and sometimes include take-home creations for your efforts however please refer to each individual class description for details. They usually include a short break which includes non-alcoholic beverages and a light meal prepared by our chefs. As with all the other classes, you will receive recipes and course notes.

Demonstration Classes

Our demonstration classes at the James St Cooking School have a very intimate, informal feel to them and are perfect for people who would just like to sit back, relax and let a Chef do all the work, while they sip on a glass of wine and enjoy the flavours and textures of the dishes. Lessons run for 2 hours with between 10 20 people observing. Our Chef will usually demonstrate 2 or 3 dishes over the course of the lesson, while the class observes, enjoys generous samples of the dishes with matched wine or beer and ask as many questions as they wish. The beauty of the demo classes is that you dont have to wait until the end of the night to sample the menu.
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