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All Available Sessions for Beyond the Plate: Fish


As seafood becomes increasingly expensive, conversely, we are more aware than ever how important regular fish in our diet can have a huge effect on our long-term health.

We all love it and we all know it’s fabulously healthy for us, but we don’t always know what’s what in terms of selection, and tend to buy based on what the recipe says rather than what’s the freshest available on the day. 

The easiest solution is to become more proficient in selecting, storing and cooking fish.


Covered in this class will be more so on pelagic, oiler/cold water fish species

Methods covered:

Panfrying, BBQing, poaching as well as selection tips & storage.


Class is Demonstration style, runs for 2 hours and includes 3 tastings with paired beverage.

Cost $95.00 per person

Menu is based on what’s freshly available on the day.

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