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Sample buffet menus

Selection of options for Buffet Style lunches and dinners (Minimum of 20 guests)

·       Roast Moroccan Lamb & roast potatoes, carrots & black olive jus

·       Black king fish, grilled thyme roasted vine ripened tomato and lemon

.        Thai style lemongrass mussels with Asian greens, coriander & tamarind sauce

·       Cajun roasted baby eggplant, shallot & pasta salad with creamy mayo

·       Reef cod fillets baked w/ lemongrass & kaffir lime

·       Char grilled Mediterranean beef on scalloped potato and roasted vine ripened tomato

·       Cold meat platter (e.g. beef, lamb salami)

·       Balsamic mushroom, grilled eggplant and wild rocket salad

·       Garden salad with baby asparagus, avocado, beans and olives

·       Vine ripened tomato, rocket and baby boccincinni salad w/ basil olive oil & pine nuts

·       Roast sweet potato, cashew & baby spinach w/ blood orange infused extra virgin olive oil