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Recipe of the week

 Prawns in Coconut Batter


500 gms                      Green prawns, (the bigger the better)

200 gms                      Shredded dried coconut

2                                  Eggs

150gms                       Rice flour

25 gms                        Custard powder

1 large clove               Garlic, minced

15 ml                           Vodka (use Nep Phu Loc if you can get it)

                                     Ground black pepper



Peel & devein prawns leaving tail on

Mix prawns with pepper & garlic, sit for 5 mins

Mix cornflour, custard powder, egg, & vodka together to make a thick batter. Add a little extra water if necessary.

Once batter is smooth, fold in coconut.

Roll the prawns in the coconut batter & deep-fry till golden brown & cooked through.

Serve with Nuoc Cham Dipping Sauce.



Nuoc Cham Dipping Sauce



65 g                             Palm sugar

65ml                            Water

65 ml                           Fish sauce

3 tablespoons            Coconut Vinegar

2                                  Red or green chillies, finely chopped (best to leave seeds out!)

3                                  Large garlic cloves, finely chopped



Use the hot water to dissolve palm sugar, mix in all other ingredients, allow to cool and serve. Makes 250mls