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·       The Living Single

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·       ANZ Sydney

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·       Suncorp

·       Thai Airways

·       Edward Dunlop Paper

·       Credit link

·       C.S.I.R.O

·       Clayton Utz

·       Flight centre

·       McDonalds Australia

·       Lourdes Hill College

·       Minter Ellison

·       Ernst & Young

·       Custodian Wealth Builders

·       Terry White Chemists

·       Golden casket lotteries

·       Brisbane Marketing

·       Lincoln Sentry

·       Wilson HTM

·       TNS

·       The University of QLD

·       Technology One

·       Tarong Energy

·       Orengon Energy

·       Swift & Moore

·       Talent 2

·       Shell Australia

·       Sentis

·       QBE Insurance

·       McGrath Nichols

·       Merlo Coffee

·       Optus

·       KPMG

·       Genetic solutions

·       FKP

·       Ellwood Barry McPherson

·       Aon Risk Services

·       GlaxoSmithKline

·       Altana Pharma

·       Barilla Australia

·       Taylor’s wines

·       Leicon

·       Champagne Info Centre Sydney

·       Konica Minolta

·       Blake Dawson Waldron

·       BCM

·       AUDI

·       Opticverve

·       Swedish Style

·       DDI

·       Gilshenan and Luton Lawyers

·       Window Image

·       The Grape

·       De Pasquale

·       Distinguished Vineyards

·       Bentley

·       Alfa Romeo

·       Pacific Publications

·       Red Bull

·       Brisbane Broncos Leagues Club

·       MediaRep

·       Ultra Suite

·       Fosters Group

·       Dewards Fine Art

·       The Wine Emporium

·       Leyshon

·       International Quarterback

·       Matt Hayden